• Here’s What Happens When You Take Zicam
    By Vladimir Vukicevic
    Feb 08

    Here’s What Happens When You Take Zicam

    Cold and flu symptoms can throw your whole week out of whack: the sore throat, the coughing, the fatigue. In an age of space travel and FaceTime, you’d think we’d be able to cure a measly cold. And yet, here we are, sauntering through the drugstore.  One of the go-to treatments for colds and flus is Zicam. It’s popular, it’s cheap, and it’s everywhere—does Zicam actually work?

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  • Welcome to Historic Health
    By Vladimir Vukicevic
    Nov 25

    Welcome to Historic Health

    I’m excited and honored to introduce Historic Health: a new platform for navigating alternative, holistic, and integrative medicine.   Our mission is to shine a light on health and wellness topics that are often ignored, misunderstood, or cynically dismissed. We believe that new sources of physical progress, emotional wellbeing, and human longevity may come from the […]

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