Metformin shows potential for extending longevity. Coffee prevents cancer resurgence. Breast milk builds immunity. Acupuncture reduces inflammation. Sandalwood oil can kill cancer cells.

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  • Metformin has promising potential for its longevity and anti-aging properties. Dr. Lipman takes a deep dive into the mechanisms and benefits of metformin. Frank Lipman M.D.
  • Coffee consumption reduced the chance of cancer relapse for those treated for intestinal cancer. A new study from the Netherlands indicates that cancer patients who drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day had 37% less chance of cancer relapse and had lower all-cause mortality than non-coffee drinkers. International Journal of Cancer
  • Colostrum has been shown to have long-term immunity benefits for babies. Colostrum, the first type of breast milk that a baby consumes after birth, reduces susceptibility to infections weeks and even months after initial feeding. Allergy
  • Acupuncture may reduce levels of inflammatory proteins called cytokines. New research indicates that people treated with acupuncture had up to 43% reduced risk of ischemic stroke during the study period. BMJ Open
  • Sandalwood oil has been linked to prostate cancer prevention. A key ingredient found in sandalwood oil, alpha-santalol, was shown to decrease cancer cell proliferation and induce cancer cell death. Phytomedicine Plus