• Dr. Buddhadev Paul Chaudhuri

    Dr. Buddhadev Paul Chaudhuri

    PhD, Biomedical Electrical Engineering

    Buddhadev Paul Chaudhuri is the CEO and Co-founder of Keylika, a startup developing metallodrugs to treat unmet medical needs. Previously he spearheaded microsystems technology at a San Diego-based, medtech startup in wearable continuous glucose monitoring. Prior to that, he was...

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  • Lisa Windfield

    Lisa Windfield

    Certified High Performance Coach

    Lisa is a Certified High Performance Coach, with a background in holistic health and meditation. She also coaches with Tony Robbins and leads meditations and training for companies such as the Boston Consulting Group. Lisa is passionate about helping high-achieving...

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  • Dr. Mark Neveu

    Dr. Mark Neveu

    PhD, Environmental Toxicology & Experimental Oncology

    Mark Neveu develops and commercializes innovative, clean label delivery systems that support a healthy microbiome. He holds patents in the novel CTLA-4 biologic (Tremilimumab) and elucidated mechanisms of immune enhancement signaling. Fellow pioneers of the CTLA-4 immune checkpoint won the...

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  • Dr. Jaclyn Tomsic

    Dr. Jaclyn Tomsic


    Dr. Jaclyn Tomsic, MD, DMD, FACS, is a board-certified Oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMF) based out of Cleveland, OH. OMF involves extensive dental and medical education and training to achieve surgical expertise and an unparalleled understanding of esthetics. Being an...

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  • Vladimir Vukicevic

    Vladimir Vukicevic

    CEO and Co-founder of Better & Better

    Vladimir Vukicevic is an entrepreneur and expert in the world of consumer products. He has taught Fortune 500 companies how to build new products and businesses, has combined culture with management theory through his writing, and believes that innovation provides...

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