Dr. Buddhadev Paul Chaudhuri

PhD, Biomedical Electrical Engineering

Buddhadev Paul Chaudhuri is the CEO and Co-founder of Keylika, a startup developing metallodrugs to treat unmet medical needs. Previously he spearheaded microsystems technology at a San Diego-based, medtech startup in wearable continuous glucose monitoring. Prior to that, he was at a synthetic biology start-p, Koniku, where he led the development of novel microdevices for interfacing between biological cells-on-a-chip and microelectrode arrays. He has a PhD in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in biomedical microsystems, focused on transdermal drug delivery devices from KU Leuven and Imec, Belgium. He also worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) / University of California, Berkeley (UCB), where he was instrumental in developing nano-coatings for biocompatibility and nanopore membranes in silicon-based artificial implantable organs. 

With a core expertise in semiconductor process and MEMS technology, drug delivery technologies, electrophysiological sensors, material science, novel coatings, BioMEMS, wearable flexible electronics and microfabrication, he has over 15 years of combined experience developing novel microtechnologies in academia and the high-tech startup industry across the globe. He holds a Dual Masters degree in Microsystems Engineering from the French Grande Ecole, ESIEE Paris, and the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.