Vladimir Vukicevic

CEO and Co-founder of Better & Better

Vladimir Vukicevic is an entrepreneur and expert in the world of consumer products. He has taught Fortune 500 companies how to build new products and businesses, has combined culture with management theory through his writing, and believes that innovation provides a new path to personal and global empowerment. Vladimir is a childhood cancer survivor and has dedicated his life to improving the world through entrepreneurship.

Vladimir is the the CEO and Co-founder of Better & Better—a company that develops and sells personal care products that are fundamentally better for our health and for our environment.

Prior to co-founding Better & Better, Vladimir was the Co-founder of two successful startups, each acquired. The most recent, Meural—a platform that combines software and hardware to make art universally accessible—where he was also the CEO, was acquired in 2018 by NETGEAR. And prior to that, Vladimir’s first venture as Co-founder and CTO was RocketHub—a crowdfunding platform that helped thousands of entrepreneurs, artists, and scientists raise millions of dollars. RocketHub was acquired in 2015 by EFactor Group.