Nitric oxide affects immunity, muscles, and circulation. Vitamin D levels are linked to IBD, Crohn, and colitis outcomes. Methylene blue and Mitoquinone may not help prevent bone loss. Antioxidants improve cognition. Ultrasound therapy can treat Alzheimer’s symptoms. The ketogenic diet improves schizophrenia and bipolar effects. Siris tree extract slows the spread of cancer.

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  • Nitric oxide is an important gas that circulates in our blood. Dr. Lipman delves in the research and explores how nitric oxide affects immunity, muscle performance, circulation, and the foods that can boost nitric oxide levels in people. Frank Lipman M.D.
  • Higher levels of vitamin D in the blood are linked to better outcomes for patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). New research shows that nondeficient participants showed a significantly reduced bowel resection risk in IBD, Crohn disease, and ulcerative colitis. International Journal of Surgery
  • Methylene blue and Mitoquinone may not prevent age-related bone loss. A new study evaluated these antioxidants in mice and found them unsuccessful in inhibiting bone degradation associated with aging. Aging
  • A blended antioxidant supplement significantly improved cognition and memory in new research. The administered blend included coenzyme Q10 (1.5%), ascorbic acid (35.5%), L-glutamine (32.0%), L-cysteine (18.9%), niacin (0.75%), succinic acid (3.8%), fumaric acid (3.8%), and riboflavin (1.5%). International Journal of Molecular Sciences
  • Ultrasound therapy may help to treat Alzheimer’s disease. New experiments from Australia indicate that common scanning ultrasound treatment may singlehandedly create significant memory enhancement and positive cognitive effects. Molecular Psychiatry
  • Ketogenic diet improves schizophrenia and bipolar disorder symptoms. Emerging research from Stanford Medicine shows that the keto diet positively effects brain function and may hold significant promise for future treatment. Psychiatry Research
  • Albizia lebbeck ethanolic extracts (ALEE) impede the spread breast cancer cells. A new study shows that the natural extract from Siris trees may successfully slow down cancer metastasis. Scientific Reports