Tattoos may increase the risk of lymphoma. Electrolyzed-reduced water supports longevity. Urolithin A, found in pomegranate, strawberries, and walnuts, improves memory function. Fish oil supplements may have adverse effects. Match mouthwash fights bad oral bacteria.

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  • Tattoos may increase the likelihood of developing lymphoma. New research from Sweden evaluated those who developed the cancer and determined “that the risk of developing lymphoma was 21% higher among those who were tattooed.” eClinicalMedicine
  • Electrolyzed-reduced water may support longevity and fight age-related diseases. A new study indicates that electrolyzed-reduced water, also known as alkaline ionized water, has powerful antioxidant properties that support normal cells and weaken cancer cells. Aging
  • Urolithin A, a naturally occurring substance found in pomegranate, strawberries, and walnuts, can improve memory and support the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Recent research from Denmark demonstrates that urolithin A can “alleviate memory problems and other consequences of dementia.” Alzheimer’s & Dementia
  • Fish oil supplements may have adverse effects. A large analysis from the United Kingdom’s Biobank indicates that fish oil supplementation may increase the risk of first-time cardiovascular events but decrease the risk for those already suffering from cardiovascular disease. The mixed results indicate the need for further research. BMJ Medicine
  • Matcha mouthwash inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes periodontitis and other oral health problems. New research from Japan indicates that matcha, a prepared green tea powder, reduced the amount of P. gingivalis bacteria in people that used match mouthwash. Microbiology Spectrum