Blessed thistle supports nerve regeneration. Cannabinol (CBN) protects the brain from aging. Blood exchange therapy extends lifespan. Ginger improves nutrition for cancer patients.

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  • Blessed thistle herb may support nerve regeneration. New research from Germany indicates that a component (Cnicin) in this traditional tea and herb supplement significantly accelerates nerve fiber growth in animals and humans. Phytomedicine
  • The lesser known cannabis-derived compound, cannabinol (CBN) protects the brain against aging-related neurodegeneration. Researchers state that “We were able to pinpoint the active groups in CBN that are doing that neuroprotection, then improve them to create derivative compounds that have greater neuroprotective ability and drug-like efficacy.” Redox Biology
  • Blood exchange therapy shows ability to extend lifespan. A new mouse-based study showed that injecting younger blood into older mice meaningfully increased lifespan by 22.7%. Nature Aging
  • Ginger root treatment for patients undergoing chemotherapy reduces the likelihood of nausea. Recent research shows that ginger significantly reduces malnutrition for people undergoing cancer treatment. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics