Zinc shortens the duration of the common cold. The traditional Chinese herb Hei Gai Guan treats kidney stones. Daily olive oil consumption decreases dementia risk. Red light therapy restores damaged nerve cells.

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  • Zinc shortens the common cold by two days. A new meta-analysis showed that zinc has likely benefits as a treatment for the common cold. The analysis showed no positive effects for cold prevention and concluded that additional research is necessary to fully understand the value of zinc. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
  • The traditional Chinese herb Aspidopterys obcordata (Hei Gai Guan) may potentially treat kidney stones. Recent research indicates that the herb traditionally utilized to treat urinary tract infections, cystitis, and urinary tract stones, may indeed have therapeutic effects. Journal of Ethnopharmacology
  • Regular consumption of olive olive decreases the likelihood of developing dementia. A new study showed that daily intake of 7 grams of olive oil reduced the chances of dying from dementia-related ailments by 28%. JAMA Network Open
  • Red light and near-infrared light therapy is successfully being used to treat spinal cord injury. A new method that delivers light directly to the site of injury has shown to significantly restore sensation and movement while regenerating damaged nerve cells. Bioengineering & Translational Medicine