I’m excited and honored to introduce Historic Health: a new platform for navigating emerging, alternative, holistic, and integrative medicine.  

Our mission is to shine a light on health and wellness topics that are often ignored, misunderstood, or cynically dismissed. We believe that new sources of physical progress, emotional wellbeing, and human longevity may come from the exploration of historic beliefs and practices.

We aim to connect the knowledge of cutting-edge science with the wisdom of venerated medical traditions. Together, we’ll discover, discuss, and debate the past, present, and future of health.

But first, a personal story.

My 4,500-Mile Journey to Healthier Habits

Different forms of medicine have played an immensely important role in my life.

I came to the United States as a frightened six-year-old boy. It wasn’t a choice, it was a life-or-death decision. I was diagnosed with bone cancer, and in my birth-country, Yugoslavia, that was likely a death sentence. My parents made the brave decision to move and to save my life. 

I grew up in New York with wellness at the forefront of most decisions. My battle with cancer lasted for a decade and I came through stronger, smarter, and with a deeper understanding of health. 

My family approached health from a uniquely holistic perspective. I learned about the importance of nutrients in food, in traditional supplements, and in Ayurvedic medicine. We would visit small health food stores and farmers’ markets years before the first Whole Foods opened in New York. 

I realized how the environment impacts the body. From the chemicals we encounter to the air we breathe, our daily exposure impacts how we feel in the moment and in the future. Years of grueling physical therapy taught me the ins and outs of my body, its limitations, and its strengths.

Mental and spiritual health was consistently nurtured. I have practiced Transcendental Meditation since I was ten years old. I naively used to believe that every child had meditation as a daily habit–a concept that is becoming more common today, but was remarkably rare in 1994. The holistic approach to complete wellness became my second nature.

How I Turned My Health Into My Career

College expanded my horizons and my network of friends and colleagues. Afterwards, I quickly embarked on an entrepreneurial journey with a unifying theme for all my work: democratize access to information, make the scarce more attainable, and the hidden more visible.

For too long, clean, healthy, and high-quality personal goods have been available to only a select few people. But I believe embedding healthy habits into daily life should be simple, easy, and delightful.

Embedding healthy habits into daily life should be simple, easy, and delightful.

I co-founded Better & Better with the mission to make healthy habits universal. We’re building an ideal vision dedicated to constant progress, to nearly impossible ideals, and to principles that improve the individual so that we may improve the world.

Better & Better is the entrepreneurial culmination of my personal struggle with health and wellness.

The Foundation of Historic Health

My experience as the co-founder of Better & Better has taught me about the powers and the pitfalls of supplements. At Better & Better we receive countless questions about vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. At Historic Health we’ll initially delve into the most common misconceptions, mysteries, and myths.

In the beginning, Historic Health will explore the world of macronutrients and micronutrients. Gradually, we’ll expand to broader themes and wider domains of holistic medical inquiry.

Our team of writers, technologists, explorers, and subject-matter experts will produce materials that cover news, trends, research, products, and their personal experiences. Additionally, we’ll create tools for simple and actionable discovery. Our first tool is the Micronutrient Deficiency Finder, which elegantly matches vitamin and mineral deficiencies with potential physical symptoms.

We created Historic Health based on four foundational tenets:

  • Approachable: never overwhelming, our goal is to foster understanding without pretense.
  • Actionable: easy-to-find answers and empowering next-steps, knowledge should be useful.
  • Open-Minded: never cynical or needlessly skeptical, different opinions are necessary for complete exploration.
  • Informational: leveraging a diverse set of experts and scientific data to give you a complete picture.

Historic Health is a growing resource and community that will continue to evolve. We promise to always approach every challenge from a positive purpose.

Thank you and welcome aboard!