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  • Psychedelics may help to alleviate obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Participants in a new self-reporting study confirmed a decrease in obsessive thoughts, reduced anxiety, and overall acceptance of their OCD. More rigorous clinical studies are recommended for deeper understanding and for the development of comprehensive treatments. Scientific Reports
  • Coffee and tea intake during midlife results in better physical function later in life. A new Singapore-based study of 12,000 participants showed that symptoms including exhaustion, slowness, and weakness were lower in people that regularly drank coffee and/or tea. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association
  • Grapes help to improve eye function in older adults. This study confirms earlier research and shows that 1.5 cups of grapes per day can lead to significant benefits for eye health. Food & Function
  • Choline plays an important role in boosting immunity and potentially preventing cancer. In particular, the lack of choline or the inability of our cells to use choline has been shown to significantly decrease the quantity of immune cells. PLOS Pathogens
  • Fiber supplementation during chemotherapy may reduce brain inflammation. Fiber causes positive changes to the gut microbiome which may alleviate brain inflammation. A new study showed up to 50% reduction in inflammation of the memory region within the brain. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity