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  • Spermidine is the compound with an eye-catching name that may have significant benefits for better health and extended lifespans. Dr. Frank Lipman takes a deep dive into the spermidine science, its nutritional sources, and supplement facts. Frank Lipman M.D.
  • Metformin, a drug commonly used to combat type 2 diabetes has been shown to have a significant impact in treating gum disease. Metformin, also utilized by some for its potential longevity benefits, led to significant prevention of bone-loss during periodontal disease in new research. Journal of Translational Medicine
  • More nighttime light leads to an increase in psychological disorders while more daytime light exposure decreases the risk of psychosis.  A new and large, 87,000 participant study showed the important impact of light on a wide range of mental health outcomes. Nature Mental Health
  • Tumor-fighting sound-based therapy has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. Developed by the University of Michigan, histotripsy offers a new way to fight cancer cells safely and effectively. University of Michigan