New developments in vitamin B12, CBD, oral health, and taurine.

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  • Vitamin B12 plays an important role in tissue regeneration. A new study from Spain shows that vitamin B12 is essential for cellular reprogramming that is necessary for repair. Lack of vitamin B12 limits the ability for regeneration. Nature Metabolism
  • Oral infections and poor mouth health have been linked to metabolic problems. New research from Finland determines that infections, inflammations, lesions, and periodontitis are associated with increased risk of metabolic diseases, including lipid and glucose abnormalities. Journal of Dental Research
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) may offer a safer alternative for alleviating dental pain. A new clinical trial showed major relief for those with severe tooth pain who were treated with CBD solution. Journal of Dental Research
  • Lower taurine concentrations have been linked to depression in women. Researches in South Korea have found that lower taurine levels in the hippocampus, within the brain, were correlated to depression symptoms. Taurine treatment may represent a new opportunity in the future. Biological Psychiatry