Kiwi can quickly boost your mood (and it’s not just the vitamin C). Cold water swimming helps women in menopause. Proper protein consumption is linked to healthier babies. Anxiety may decrease testosterone levels. And dark chocolate reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

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  • Kiwi has been shown to have a meaningful and rapid mood-boosting effect. New research indicates that kiwifruit improved vitality in as little as four days. Researchers believe that not only high levels of vitamin C in Kiwi, but also other micronutrients in the fruit combine to create a positive outcome. British Journal of Nutrition
  • Cold water plunges and swimming improves menopause symptoms. Menopausal women who swam in cold water showed significant improvement in hot flash symptoms, low mood and mood swings, and in anxiety. Post Reproductive Health
  • Lack of protein consumption by pregnant and lactating women following birth can lead to genetic abnormalities in their children. Researchers say that “a protein-poor diet during the embryo stage and the first two years after birth alters the expression of more than 700 genes in offspring, including the gene ABCG1, which is associated with prostate cancer.” Scientific Reports
  • Lower testosterone levels have been linked to higher anxiety. A new study in rodents showed that increased anxiety levels correlated with brain receptor changes that were connected to congenital hypogonadism. Molecular Psychiatry
  • Dark chocolate consumption may reduce the risk of high blood pressure. New research from China indicates that eating dark chocolate on a regular basis is associated with a lowered incidence of essential hypertension. Scientific Reports