Frankincense fights cancer. Alkaline water may not be able prevent kidney stones. Trees strengthen bones in kids.

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  • Boswellia¬†tree extract has been shown to reduce the growth rate of breast cancer tumors. A new study in humans showed that this traditional medicine plant, most commonly used to make frankincense, slowed tumor proliferation when compared to patients who did not consume Boswellia. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment
  • Alkaline water alone may not be sufficient to help prevent kidney stones. Recent research showed that water with higher pH levels can’t raise the levels of urine pH levels enough to affect the development of new kidney stones. Journal of Urology
  • Exposure to parks and other green spaces has a positive impact on the bone health of children. A newly published study from Belgium showed that access to nearby green spaces during childhood was linked to meaningfully higher bone density in kids. JAMA Network Open