Beans, beans they’re good for your gut. Angelica gigas (AG), the ancient herb is found to improve vascular function. And aspartame, the artificial sweetener, may increase anxiety.

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  • Adding beans to your diet has a wide variety of positive benefits. A new study from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer center shows that a cup of beans supports the gut microbiome and may reduce the risk of metabolic disease and colorectal cancer. eBioMedicine
  • The widely used herb, Angelica gigas NAKAI (AG), has been shown to have positive effects on vascular dysfunction. Researchers concluded that “AG [extract] is a promising natural product-based functional food/herbal medicine candidate for preventing or regulating hyperlipidemic cardiovascular complications.” Aging
  • Aspartame, the popular artificial sweetener, has been linked to increased anxiety. A study with mice showed that aspartame increased anxious behavior both in mice that consumed the ingredient and their offspring. More research is required to ascertain the effects on humans. PNAS