Tea tree oil in all its glory, natto (rich in vitamin K2) may be an acquired taste but it reduces the risk of heart disease, beets reduce blood pressure, flavonoids support healthy healing after knee replacement, and probiotics help to fight COVID.

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  • Tea tree oil is the ancient essential oil with numerous health benefits and applications. Dr. Frank Lipman takes a deep dive into the different use-cases and unique solutions that tea tree oil can provide. Frank Lipman M.D.
  • Eating natto reduces the risk of heart disease. A new study from the University of Tsukuba indicates that natto stimulates the microbiome to decrease overall inflammation and to prevent arteriosclerosis. Scientific Reports
  • Beetroot juice has been shown to lower blood pressure and potentially improve the ability to exercise. New research of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) who took a beet supplement for 12 weeks resulted in lower blood pressure and greater capability for walking. Beetroot juice may provide benefits for a wider population. European Respiratory Journal
  • Flavonoid supplements reduce swelling after knee replacement surgery. Flavonoids derived from citrus fruits decreased swelling and other complication in the lower extremities of patients following total knee arthroplasty (TKA). Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery
  • Probiotics decrease COVID symptoms and reduce the likelihood of infection. New research at Duke’s Department of Medicine found that those who received probiotics during trials were 60% less likely to develop COVID symptoms. Clinical Nutrition